Tonight was a night of drinking crap we should have awhile ago. It’s Monday, the official hospitality service day off.

After polishing off the last 3 oz of Tequila Herradura Selección Suprema … We looked deep into the depths of our liquor cabinet to bring you this monstrosity. The followed events and conversation occurred not long thereafter.


The Beercheloka

E: I found the Beercheloka at 7-11 while going on a birthday candle run during service. I assumed that it would be similar to your typical Michelada in flavor because it has chili powder, citric acid, etc.

Tasting the powder alone, it is surprisingly dull in flavor considering the bright red color!

L: Yeah, its like a weak chili limon.

E: I arm myself with three Tecates &  proceed to pour in the 1st beer. It barely fills the cup half way. Now on to the second beer. Lo and behold, it’s exactly 24 oz–they weren’t kidding. The Tecate is bubbling and spitting madly, like a final, feeble attempt to escape its sorry fate.

E: I brace myself for the worst, quickly taking a sip.

L: So, how does it taste?

E: At first I’m a little disgusted by the hazy looking foam. Secondly I was “blessed” with a cold sore on my lip, leading to a chilling pain shooting through my body as the acidic foam, liquid and chili powder made contact.  However once I got past those two things…You know what? It isn’t God awful. I’ve had worse things in my life.

I dive in for a second sip and recoil gripping mouth in pain…holy f**k, my cold sore!

L: I’m getting ready to take a sip and eyeing the chelokas coaster (which I might add was conveniently included) suspiciously. It looks like chili powder Alka-Seltzer!

E: Well Micheladas are supposed hangover cures so it’s only appropriate for it to look like Alka-Seltzer.

L: It needs more salt–it needs more hot sauce and more salt. It tastes like chile limon Tecate. Do they make that? They should. I feel very white trash right now.

(Side note–they don’t make it…yet… time to cash in!)

E: Beercheloka has a Yelp. I wonder what the average rating is, ha. Advertised with vodka, why not tequila?!? Lets give some to the cat, who’s eyeing it suspiciously. Verdict?

Not Pica approved!!!

How can we make it better? Let’s make our own.

Edwin thinks there’s something charming about a syrafoam cup.

L: Ew…

E: I’ll finish it.

To Be Continued…

Next Time: Michelada’s from scratch.


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