Egg Nog – Live!!

We’re coming to you live from our kitchen in a late night attempt to recreate Dale Degroff’s “Uncle Angelo’s Egg Nog”. Here we go…


The consensus? Delicate and fluffy. We both agreed it could use some more booze and a bit more sugar. Spiked the mix with about 4 oz more booze(2 rum/2 bourbon) and an equal amount of simple. Yum.

We made a half batch, by the way. God Bless you, Dale Degroff. And Merry Christmas, everyone.


Individual egg nog service:

With nutmeg on top…


Picaro, the cat wants in on the action.


Looks like we could’ve selected a larger bowl, hmmm?

Edwin, “Dale Degroff was right. The egg whites look like little clouds on top.”


All right! Time to add the peaks to the original bowl.



In a separate bowl, egg whites were lightly beaten & the remaining sugar added. Beat the crap out of it!

Edwin, “Those are some nice peaks!”


Booze in the hole! 3 oz of Sailor Jerry and 3 oz of Four Roses Bourbon!


and more booze…


Stab! That’s a way to open the effing pint. Half a pint of cream into the bowl.


Milk has been added and incorporated to the mix. A nice pale yellow foam going on…


Looks like we’re good to go here. We’ve measured out the ingredients in preparation of egg nog construction.



Edwin is building some muscle using the hand beater(heh heh) to beat the hell out of the eggs. Now he’s adding 1/2 the sugar and then the milk.




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