Busting Block

Feeling inspired by Laura’s fizz, I started gazing through the pages of Saucier’s “Bottoms Up.” Besides, what’s a man to do with a cocktail book and a cabinet full of booze?

While trying not to distract myself with all the pretty pictures, I came upon an interestingly named cocktail, the “Blockbuster” . This cocktail had the makings of something delicious, one part brandy, equal parts rye, curaçao and an orange peel.

What struck me more than the name and it’s rather common ingredients, was the unlikely credit that came attached with it. “By Hal Block, Radio and TV comedy star” read the page. History has shown me that most celebrity created cocktails are full of fail.

However I was intrigued, so I ran over to my computer and searched for this famous “Mr. Block.” I won’t go into detail about his life, suffice it to say that he developed quite the notoriety while being one of the best comedy writers of his era. He sounded cool enough!

I wrangled up all the ingredients and proceeded to faithfully recreate his cocktail.

1.5 oz. Brandy ( Cardenal Mendoza)
3/4 oz. Rye (ri1)
3/4 oz. Curaçao (Senior Orange Curaçao)
Stir (even though it asked for a shake, but we know better than that)
Serve over cracked ice in old-fashioned glass
Garnish with orange peel

Well color me impressed, what a cocktail. It has all the makings of a classic, unassuming ingredients, simple preparation & damn is it delicious! The drink was perfectly balanced with intense flavors of wood and citrus brought full circle with hints of allspice, cinnamon, and licorice.
If you’re a fan of spirit forward cocktails, you owe it to yourself to try this drink. Hal Block definitely knew what he was doing, hats off to the man.

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