Mariscos in Mid-City

Finding a new pad can be like searching for that right girl/guy–except on a time limit. I put my 30 days notice in so I’d be uncommitted as soon as the end of the month. I hoped I’d find a suitable place that was:

-also available

-gave off the right vibe

-had all the features I wanted

-wasn’t too expensive

-liked pussy(cats)

In good news, I found a new pad. The bad news? It’s not anywhere near this restaurant, La Cevicheria.

Sure, we’d heard about it on Good Food or something but had no immediate plans to eat there. I’ll let Mr.Cruz take it from here. He has some bomb shots of the food.

E: That I do…

Exhibit A: Bloody Clam Ceviche. The owner happily offered his suggestions on what we should have for lunch. Was the man ever right about what he recommended! We opted for the mixto which also had nice bits of shrimp and octopus.


As the overflowing bowl of ceviche arrived at our table, my eyes lit up at the beautiful bright colors that were in front of us.  A dark crimson black broth of citrus and clam juices surrounded tender diced pieces of red onions, white onions, mint &  fresh tomato. It was all topped with  bright green perfectly ripe avocados and fresh cilantro.


Bloody clam ceviche, desert (in the form of an orange quarter) included


It was like looking at a delicious rainbow of food. A simple slice of orange contrasted the very savory and perfectly tart plate with a nice bit of sweetness. It was served with saltine crackers–instead we opted for thin crisp tostadas, which I suspect were store bought. However, they were very reminiscent of one of my favorite brands, Los Pericos.


The Whole Enchilada or rather Mariscada, in all of its glory


Next we were greeted by suggestion number two, the Mariscada Caribeña. This dish was a spicy tomato based broth with a hint of coconut milk reminiscent of a light red curry.  The bowl was filled with hearty chunks of abalone, whole shrimps and mussels on the shell.


A lonely baby octopus atop a mount of rice in a sea of Mariscada

A  lonesome baby octopus topped the plate like a fleshy tender crown atop a mound of white rice. The Mariscada was wonderfully warming and the seafood was well cooked and tender.

Our meal was the perfect antidote to a long morning of apartment hunting. If you’re in the mood for ceviche and want to experience a  great new take on a classic, look no further than La Cevicheria. Any last words or tips Laura?

L: La Cevicheria is just east of Crenshaw on Pico, which also gives you an excellent opportunity to check out Victoria Park and Lafayette Square, 2 incredibly preserved architecturally important neighborhoods. Enjoy!

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