Manpuku Toyko BBQ-Sawtelle

Having been to Manpuku for lunch, it makes for a fair priced and somewhat healthy meal on Sawtelle. It’s a tiny bit easier to park midday, but only slightly.Their bento box lunch sets are enjoyable. Served with steamed rice and miso soup, the chicken breast was tender and juicy.


Here’s a closeup of the soup. I liked the contrast between the long handled spoon and the squat round bowl it was served in.


The chicken breast BBQ set left something to be desired…oh yeah, flavor. It’s simply plain ol’ chicken breast and veggies with no marinade whatsoever. On the grill, it transforms into bland, dry chicken and dry vegetables.


The simple iceberg salad was decorated with a few strips of carrots and miso dressing. Quite crisp and refreshing.


The beef rib eye steak lunch special on the other hand was savoury and tender. If you would like to grill your own steak, be sure to order the BBQ set, no the lunch special. The lunch special is marinated and cooked in the kitchen and then brought out to you.


The meat was fresh and service was prompt. I would enjoy coming here for dinner as I’m sure the same quality is present, but only if I carpool!

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